Camel essay

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Have you ever heard of an animal that can drink forty gallons of water in one go, and has been used in wars throughout history, especially in deserts regions? This animal is a camel. A camel is best describe as a large, long-necked ungulate mammal of arid country, with long slender legs, broad cushioned feet, and either one or two hump on the back. According to FAO statistics there are about ninety million camels in the world. Camels are herbivores, eating mainly leaves, seeds and desert plants and may last long period of time without food making them self-sufficient. In most desert regions, camels are often the main source of meat, milk and leather or wool products and people living in desert often depend on camels to survive. However, with their unpredictable spit, some camels may be troublesome to people.

Camels are hardy and amazingly self-sufficient. They can carry lumps of fat in their humps which provides them food. For this reason, they eat anything from hay to thorny twigs, even tent materials if they had to. Furthermore, camels have thick leather pads on their legs that act like knee pads on hot sand. Additionally, this amazing animals do not sweat, so they retain much of the water in their bodies. As a matter of fact, on hot days, they consume huge quantities of water (when it’s available). In other words, camels can go for weeks, even months, without water if they have to. Truly, camels are amazing self-sufficient animals.

People living in the desert depend on camels to help them survive. For instance, camels can walk easily on soft sand where trucks would get stuck. Therefore, they can carry heavy loads (up to 330lbs) to places that have no roads. Uniquely, they are very strong and can pull plows in hard, dry soil. Not only do they give milk that is good for drinking or making cheese, but also provide wool that can be made into clothing for human. However camels can be troublesome to people. Not only do they stand six...
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