Mojave Desert

Topics: Mojave Desert, Death Valley National Park, Death Valley Pages: 4 (1020 words) Published: April 8, 2013

1. Introduction
2. Location of Mojave desert
3. Fauna and flora
4. Tourism in the area of Mojave desert
5.1. Type of tourists
5. National parks
6.2. Joshua Tree National Park
6.3. Death Valley National Park
6. Las Vegas
7. Conclusion

1. Introduction

In my seminary work I would like to research information about the Mojave desert in the United States of America. I will research mainly information related to tourism and geography. Like the location and information about tourism and attractions, that attract the most of tourist’s. I also want to find out, what type of tourist are going there. If they are families with children, young couples or people, who likes adventure. Goal of this work is to unify the most important information about Mojave desert in tourism and geographical point of view. I will be also glad, if my work will be inspiration to visit Mojave desert for another people and students.

2. Location of Mojave desert

Mojave desert is located in the south of the United States of America. Desert occupies a very significant portion of southeastern California and smaller parts of central California, southern Nevada, southwestern Utah and northwestern Arizona. As The Mojave Desert’s boundaries we can consider the places, where we can see presence of Yucca brevifolia (Joshua trees), which are the symbols of this desert. But the topographical boundaries includes Tehachapi together with San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountain ranges. Two largest faults in California – the San Andreas and the Garlock are also boundaries.

3. Fauna and flora

Despite the impression that the desert is lifeless, many animals make their homes in deserts. Birds, lizards, and ground squirrels are most likely to be seen because they are largely active during the day. However, it is at night that desert animals come out to roam. Mostly nocturnal animals include: snakes,...
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