Calvin and Hobbs Comic Strip Ethical Issue

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Concept Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: October 18, 2012
The Calvin and Hobbs comic strip portraying Hobbs’ new approach towards ethical behavior communicates a less vastly recognized point of view regarding the need for morals and justifies why in fact, people regard them as unneeded at all. Hobbs expresses a few ideas in the strip; “the ends justify the means” , “might makes right, the winners write the history boxes” and “it’s a dog eat dog world”. The first idea, “the ends justify the means”, expresses a widely spread notion that in a materialistic world revolving around self-interest one must do whatever and sacrifice anything he needs in order to receive what he wants. Thus, morals and ethics are in some manner regarded as roadblocks to success, and success can only be achieved through trickery and deceit. A problem with this concept is whose success is to be achieved or wishes are to be fulfilled in such a manner. Calvin is depicted shoving Hobbs into the mud saying; “you were in my way, now you’re not. The ends justify the means”. This statement does not only mock the aforementioned concept, presenting it in a contemptible light, but also shows that in a world full of unethical behavior originating from egoism and obsession of victory and triumph, will not survive and eventually like in Darwinism only the few strong ones shall reach success. The second concept depicted in comic strip; “might makes right, the winners write the history boxes” sheds a light on the attitude towards moral behavior throughout history. The history books describe conquest and triumph through brutal wars, goring conflicts, deceit and lies. Might makes right in our cruel history; examples spreading from before count and up until today. Consequentially we see that morals and ethics aren’t just forgotten in the quest for victory but are utterly disposed of; the acts of cruelty are justified and these become the new conduct of beliefs. The last main idea; “it’s a dog eat dog world” is a concluding statement justifying Hobbs’ sudden...
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