Findleys Hope for Humanity

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Rachel Steinberg
Mr.KayENG 4U1
October 23rd , 2014
Findley’s Hope for Humanity
In his book “The Wars”, author Timothy Findley presents several ways in which human beings commit atrocities against one another. Findley purposely documents these merciless incidents to symbolize the dark impulses and mistakes all human beings are capable of making. However, Findley also makes note of the good nature that lies within human beings. Despite his awareness of the sinister side to human beings, Findley demonstrates his underlying hope for mankind by cataloging various acts of morality and justice made by a range of characters in his story. Findley brings forward several customs in which human beings are cruel to each other, but it is extremely evident that Findley still believes there is a “good side” to humans. This exact thesis can be proved from pages 143-146. In this scene, Robert Ross and his soldiers are unexpectedly let free from a crater by an opposing German soldier. Robert senses a sudden motion while getting out of the crater, and instantly kills the German soldier assuming that the German had been reaching for a gun to kill them. Robert later realizes that the rival was only reaching for his binoculars. Worse yet, the German had a modified Mauser rifle with him, a weapon used by snipers; meaning he could of killed Robert and all of his men at any time if it had been his genuine objective. Although Robert had doubted the enemy’s kind gesture, in the end, Findley made it clear to Robert and the reader that the German soldier’s honest intentions were to simply commit an act of compassion. Another Act of kindness made within “The Wars” is presented to the readers through the voluntary time Robert Ross chooses to spend with his ill friend, Harris. When Harris and Robert are placed at an old country house in England during combat, Harris becomes so ill that he is sent to London and installed at the “Royal Free Hospital”. At roughly the same time, Robert...
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