Call If You Need Me Analysis

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Call if you need me

1. Analyse the point of view.

The point of view is based on the narrator written in a first person view talking the in the past.

2. Analyse the setting.

The main characters in the story are Nancy and the narrator, Dan. The story takes place in Eureka in California. When the story takes place is unknown, but in the story it is common to have a car, so I am guessing that the story takes place somewhere in the present.

3. Give a character description of Dan and Nancy.

Nancy is tall, long-legged brown woman with brown hair and eyes. She wants the relationship between Dan and her work, but somehow something keeps interfering. She is stuck in the past with the bad memories of Dan. There is no physical description of Dan, but he is also trying to make their relationship work. He is much more optimistic than Nancy.

4. Analyse the plot.

The situation in this story begins with that their marriage is in trouble, so they are sending their son to work at a farm, while they try to work on their marriage. As they try to spend time together only focusing on themselves, they seem to be surrounded by good luck. But it leads to a disaster when Nancy starts crying while she is remembering the past. Dan tries to comfort her and telling that they will make it, but she is avoiding every opportunity. Then Dan sees some white horses in their yard and suddenly the Nancy’s mood started changing. She starts to see the light instead of being surrounded by darkness. As a result they got a fresh new start and he drives her to the airport, where she will go back home and she will be writing to Dan. In the when Dan comes back to the house and he immediately starts calling Susan, his ex-lover.

5. “I’ve missed you so much you’ve gotten lost somehow, I can’t explain it. I’ve lost you. You’re not mine any longer’’ Try to explain what Nancy means.

Nancy has lost connection with Dan since their romance started to fade away. Perhaps...
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