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Topics: Philosophy of life, Choice, One Thousand and One Nights Pages: 3 (728 words) Published: February 26, 2014
English 010 The Bicycle Page 32 SightLines 10

1. In what point of view is the story told? First person narrative. Why is it effective?

The point of view is effective because the reader is able to follow Hannah’s thought patterns and temptations as she grows up. We feel closer to the protagonist because we come to know her thoughts quite intimately.

2. What are the names of the composers that Hannah studies?

Chopin, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Liszt.

3. What is Hannah’s dream when she is eleven?

“I dreamed of myself in flowing dresses with my long black hair grown out to my waist and a string of pearls at my throat. I saw myself travelling on airplanes to giant concert halls where people threw me flowers and chocolates and shouted my name. . . . I would be famous” (33) She seemed to be in love with the glamour and excitement of the fame that would go along with being successful. “I practiced every day for Tante Rose.” This indicates that she didn’t practice for herself.

4. Describe the relationship between Hannah and Tante Rose. Does Tante Rose expect too much of Hannah? Why do you think she gives her the two rules to follow?

The two seem very close. Tante Rose wants Hannah to be successful (perhaps to live vicariously대리로서 through her success since she herself was robbed of it because of her injury). If Hannah is serious about being successful, then Tante Rose is likely not too hard on her; however, it needs to be Hannah’s dream, not Tante Rose’s.

5. Find the simile on page 33 and the personification on page 34.

“She had a grand piano that was like a magical animal”; “. . . the instrument laughed like I was tickling it or cried like I was hurting it.”

6. Comment on the author’s word choice on pages 32 – 34: “choices”; “I had no choice”; “total commitment”; insisted”; “my duty”; “forbidden”; “forbade”. What mood do these set? What do they say about the way Hannah...
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