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Memorandum between CadMex Pharma and Gentura

After their joint meeting in January 2007, CadMex Pharma has developed a technique for the quick manufacture of certain medical agents. Gentura has developed ProPrez, anti-diabetic agent. CadMex and Gentura are entering a contractual relationship. CadMex will license their technology and provide Gentura the know-how. In return, Gentura will give CadMex the global marketing rights for ProPrez.

Two Companies
CadMex Pharma is a global leader in pharmaceutical development and healthcare products. The company has over 85 years in the pharmaceutical business based in Tampa, Florida, starting out as an over-the-counter drug manufacturer. Their products include antibiotics, antidepressants, vaccines, prescription drugs, and drugs for various disorders. They have five research centers in strategic locations in the U.S. and Europe. The company strongly encourages adherence to laws protecting intellectual property rights in developing countries. CadMex Pharma is committed to the well-being of people and the environment.

Gentura is an established biotechnology company with over 25 years of expertise based in Candore. The company began as an enzyme manufacturer and had since expanded to a biotechnology company specializing in biopharmaceuticals. Gentura employs 2,000 highly qualified professionals including biologists, pharmacologists, medical practitioners, computer professionals, engineers, and managers. Gentura is looking to expand to global markets through strategic manufacturing and marketing alliances.

Gentura is a separate legal entity, incorporated under the laws of Candore. Under Candore law, Gentura can contract in its own name, or sue or be sued in its own name. The Candorean government has majority stake in Gentura.

Candore, an island nation South East Asia, is one of the fastest growing economies in the developing world. It has formal diplomatic relations with 23 nations, including...

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