CACHE Level 3 Childcare and Education Unit 1

Topics: Children's rights in the United Kingdom, Children Act 1989, The Child Pages: 11 (4500 words) Published: February 3, 2015
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Parents of students who attend private settings pay fees, funding the setting, e.g. day nurseries. Private settings have the right to select the students who attend them. Statutory settings are provided by the government and have to be available for children, by law, to attend e.g. a primary school. Voluntary settings are sometimes funded by communities through donations, charities, and volunteers or by the people who attend them e.g. 0’clock clubs.

One voluntary setting in my area, which provides care and education for children, is Brunswick Youth Club. The club provides evening activities for children Monday to Friday term time and through school holidays. The club also offers holiday schemes where children have the opportunity to go on trips to leisure centres, theatre shows and the cinema, and also weekend trips to adventure sites. Brunswick Youth Club helps parents who need extra money by enabling them to work longer hours (after school hours and during the school holidays) with no membership fee. It also gives children a chance to interact with other children, learn new skills, get creative and even join a sports team. Brunswick helps children to gain confidence in many areas such as working independently and within a team, communicating and building relationships with others. The club helps children to learn about key skills such as time keeping, organisation and independence. ‘The Brunswick Club is a large well-equipped centre where young people can come and enjoy a variety of leisure time activities in a comfortable, safe and friendly environment’ – The Brunswick Club (2008).

Langford Primary School provides statutory primary education for children ages 5-11. It also provides optional education for 3-4 year olds. The school has a variety of facilities including an ICT suite and an Art/DT room. This already shows that the school supports a range of creative subjects, and provides children with a stable education. The school also provides extended services such as after school clubs, parent classes, breakfast club, and holiday activities. This enables children to gain an extra skill in either music or gardening club, and helps parents if they have busy work schedules. Langford Primary also offers a crèche for children who have parents that attend classes at the school. The school aims to support children and their families by providing extra care for those who may need to work extra hours, in order to maintain a steady income.

One private setting in my area, which provides care and education for children, is Little People day nursery. Little People day nursery is a setting for babies up to the age of 5 years old. The nursery provides care Monday to Friday from 8am until 6pm, full-time and part-time. This helps to fit around the parents’ work life but still enables them to slowly introduce their children to day care away from them. Parents deciding to place their children in a private day nursery means they can go back to work earlier than when the child can start full-time free education. The Little People Day nursery provides children with a variety of different indoor and outdoor activities, helping physical and mental development at an earlier stage.


The Children Act 1989 supports the rights of children as it highlights the importance of putting children first. The Act states that a child’s feeling must be put first, families in need are entitled to help from the local authority and children must be put first in court scenarios.

The Children Act 2004 supports the rights of children as it affects the way that you should work alongside other professionals in order to benefit children and their families. It states that there are five outcomes that must be considered when working with children: stay safe; be healthy; enjoy & achieve; achieve economic wellbeing and make a positive contribution. These outcomes ensure that children are cared for, given opportunities and kept safe...
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