Byresteads Farm Shop- Operation Management

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Operation management
For today operation means there two parts included in, which are service operation and goods operation.(book) “Operation management is the systematic direction and control of the activities that transform resources into finished services and goods that create value for and provide benefits to customers. In overseeing production, operation managers are responsible for ensuring that operation activities create what customers want and need.(book) therefor the operation managers are doing design, operation and improvement of productive systems.(wip) There are many different purposes of operation managers included quality management, product design, service design, facility, and human resources.” operation managers drawing the plans use resources into products. First, they bring all resources together such as: knowledge, physical materials, information, equipment, the customer, and human skills. Then they put them to do an effective test for the production facility. As demand increases for products , they control work to produce the required amount. Finally, they control all of the parts such as costs, quality, inventory and facility and equipment.(book) Linked with Coca-Cola Company in Europe country in 16 June 1999 there are around 250 people fell ill after they drink Coca-Cola (book). A week late that the company investor has gave a first statement: The Coca-Cola company got high quality of the products and they success has been based on the trust that consumers have in that quality. They want reassure of all consumers and will taking all steps to ensure that products quality when they ensure this job is complete. (KO Now, 1999a). Investor apologized to the consumers in media and investor said they deeply regret for this issue, when the company finished resolving this situation in Belgian (KO Now, 1999b). Coca-Cola Company has working immediately to protect those consumers and rebuild the confidence.

In Sanderson Farm shop...
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