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Topics: Management, Marketing, Total cost Pages: 9 (2397 words) Published: December 22, 2012
To: Director of HEI
From: Production Manager
Date: 9 December, 2012
Subject : (a) The engineering business functions of Hightone Electronics. (b) The inter-relationships between the different process and engineering functions of Hightone Electronics. (c ) How Hightone Electronics manage work activities to meet the specifications and standards of demanded by their products (d) The type of costing system and techniques most suited for Hightone Electronics. (e) To measure and evaluate the impact of changing activity levels on Hightone Electronics business performance (a) The engineering business functions of High-tone Electronics The six engineering business functions of High-tone Electronics are (i) Operations functions

(ii) Internet based functions
(iii) Marketing functions
(iv) R & D functions
(v) Quality control functions
(vi) Customer service functions

1. Operations functions
“Operations Director of Hightone Electronics Inc. (HEI)” and the phase that “a key to management decisions especially operations that needed to be addressed in creating a successful internet-based business” indicate that HEI Company have the operation function. The operations function is responsible for producing products and/or delivering services Operation management direct the company how to make the goods or services cheaper, better and faster than others. Operation Management is the business function that plans, organizes, coordinates and controls the resources needed to produce a company’s goods and service. It involves managing people, equipment technology, information and many other resources. It is responsible for conducting all the resources that are needed to produce the final product known as the output. Such as designing the product; deciding what resources are needed; arranging schedules, equipment and facilities’, managing inventory controlling quality; designing the jobs to make the product. So it is responsible for all aspects of the process of transforming inputs into outputs. As proper management of operations can lead to company success, improper management of operations can lead to failure and closing of its doors. So, the operations management is critical to the success of HEI. Reference:

2. Internet based function
“HEI, there also have IT function because of the words 'Web-based purchasing', 'off on-line purchasing' and 'internet-based business' indicates that the HEI company has the Internet based function which develops the marketing activities of a company over the internet, email and other electronic media, including online promotion, sales and communication. Information Technology is the use of computer software to manage information. Thus, IT function is a service of storing and protecting information, and customers easy to purchase from on-line service. Reference: 3. Marketing functions

“Products were offered for sale through a catalogue that was mailed to prospective customers every four months. The company built its reputation on high quality and service” indicates that the HEI company has the marking function. Marketing functions is a one important function of HEI to know their products to customers and company's products must be equal with customers' need. The main functions of marketing are market research, monitoring changing technology and customer's test, sale forecasts, tracking competitors' activities and promotion. If we don't care the efficiency of marketing, customers cannot found the company's products and our company will go out of business. Reference:

4. R&D...
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