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Bycatching is when fishermen only concentrate on few fish species with the high commercial value such as salmon, tuna, and flounder, while other species are unintentionally caught and then discarded. “Particularly the Northeast and Western Pacific and in American legislation Bycatch means species/sizes/sexes of fish which are discarded,” (2008, July 29). The FAO Corporate Document Repository (2000) stated, “Majority of these catches, however, originates from the Sicilian Channel during high summer, being due to trawlers based in Sicily” (para. 10). My plan is to sustain by reducing the amount of Bycatch and developing uses for the Bycatch that remains. Making sure that the community agrees with me, which we can stop killing off the different species in the ocean or find a better use of the animals’ remains when they do can them. Develop a program with activities and their affects, schedule a presentation day and time, invite the people or participants in the community, and research the effects of Bycatches. Meaning we have to address the problem Bycatching is causing to the people or other species. In the meantime there will be some people thinking that is alright to catch these different species, so that they will not be in danger when they are out in the ocean. While the other people wishing that they would stop killing these animals for just the money. How could someone just do it for the money? That is the main question they are asking others. People go around saying, “they are going to kill each other anyway and they are doing them a favor Bycatching.” Every living creature should be treated as if they were human like the people in the surrounding community. They do not see how it will affect the other animals by throwing the remains back into the ocean. Not knowing they are affecting the water, which might leave the other animals sick or they began to die off one by one. For example, Sea turtles, dolphins, seals, whales, and other aquatic organisms are...

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