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Company Introduction
Bottega Veneta (BV) is an exclusive luxury brand established in 1966 in Vicenza, Italy, which is quite famous for its hand-made luxury goods (Kering Group website, 2013; Bottega Veneta website, 2013). Since the establishment, BV has always been focusing on its extremely high product quality - using best materials, relying on Vicenza’s traditional craftsmanship, producing incredibly great products. Now Bottega is a global luxury brand providing a varied product chain including leather goods, which is the core product chain of Bottega, ready-to-wear, shoes, fragrance, furniture and has become the second most profitable brand among Kering Group’s (former PPR Group) luxury family (Kering Group Annual Report, 2012). Through hiding visible logo, BV has built up a brand reputation of “ understated luxury”. Its iconic design, ‘intrecciato’, which is based on an extremely complicated leather waving technique, has become the signature of BV instead (Interbrand website, 2013). To reinforce its brand reputation and spread its brand philosophy, Bottega launched its slogan as ‘when your own initials are enough’ in 1970s to further emphasise that it is the clients themselves instead of the luxury brands make people differentiated (Kering Group Annual Report, 2012). Strength

Support from Kering Group
BV belongs to Kering Group, which is quite professional in running luxury brands. It has successfully been running some famous luxury brands in Britain, including Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent and so on (Kering Group Annual Report, 2012). With the sophisticated direction and sufficient financial support provided by Kering Group, BV has performed quite well in British market. Consistence of extremely high quality

BV has been always concentrating in its amazing product quality. Highly relying on traditional craftsmanship in Vicenza, Bottega always consists on using best materials to maintain the consistence of incredible quality (Kering Group...

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