Buyer Behaviour

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Buyer Behaviour: The Consumer Decision-Making Process as it relates to Replacing a Laptop Computer

Table of Content:
1. Introduction…………………………………….Page:1

2. The characteristics that affect consumer behaviour

3. The types of consumer buying decisions

4. The components of the decision making process

5. Conclusion

6. Reference list

7. Appendices

1. Introduction
The purpose of this report is to describe the purchasing scenario of a consumer who is about to purchase a device to replace their broken or outdated laptop. The decision on what device to purchase is complex and depends on their individual needs. Consumer buying behaviour is defined by Kotler et al (2008:238) as “[t]he buying behaviour of final consumers-individuals and households who buy goods and services for personal consumption”. The world as we know it today has rapidly changed due to advancement in technology. Consumers preference are also changing due to the market changes that continue to occur .In order for a business to survive in the competitive markets today ,a company/firm has to be up to date with the latest consumer taste and trends. Consumer behaviour offers vital information and guidelines to marketers on the new upcoming technological changes that they will need to explore for example, Lap tops, PC, IPods, Phones and etc. Consumer behaviour is important in marketing, because it focuses on the customer’s views and what customer value at all times. Customers’ needs/wants are always deliberated by the company so as to provide the best service/product in return. 2. The characteristics that affect consumer behaviour

Mr Dennis Nyanmichaba an accountant at NBC Bank has faults with his HP Laptop which keeps on heating up and randomly shutting down every time he places it on a hard surface, due the problems he can hardly use his laptop at home or work because it keeps shutting down, and sometimes when he is doing important work (e.g. Balance sheet, profit and loss account and etc) the computer shuts down so he sometimes loses the work and has to start all over again which is not a good thing. So he recently visited the store wanting to know if he can either repair the laptop or buy a brand new one, and if it’s the case of buying a brand new laptop, what brand is suitable?. Mr Dennis Naymichaba would want to have a laptop that not only works perfectly but also appeals in today’s business world (Social) for example a really known and sophisticated brand like Apple (Mac Book) which not only has basic things that a normal laptop has but also has the edge and advanced technology which makes it different from other laptops, Dennis would want a laptop with outstanding quality that works really fast and does not have any sort of complication what so ever, at the same time it should have a logo/brand that stands out among peers, Because nowadays you don’t see business people or firms still using old brands they all try to upgrade and stay up to date with technological advances. Another thing would be (Psychological Factors) that he would want to buy it because his co-workers are using the same type or much more advanced technology laptops, so he wouldn’t want to feel left out in the technology world and decide to also upgrade to something more advanced instead of the laptop he has at present. In other words Mr Dennis Nyamichaba would want to purchase the laptop not only for necessity, but also out of desire and psychological need, he would also not only want the laptop for office needs only but also personal needs for example on a weekend off work he would love to watch movies, listen to music and perhaps play games take his mind off work and entertain himself, So basically he would want something with some sort of entertainment that would help him relax, set his mind off work and do something different as mentioned above. The consumer purchase decision process diagram is very...

References: Asifo Shah (2010)
Characteristics Affecting Consumer Behavior | (2012)
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