Businesss Subject Matter Experts

Topics: Project management, Problem solving, Prince Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Miriam Estime
July 22, 2012
Research Assignment 15

Subject matter expert is a person on a project team that “answers questions, solve problems, and troubleshoot” (pg. 262). Subject matter expects are very important to the project team. They are the ones a person would go to when there is a problem. Subject matter expects have to deal with a lot when they take on a job. They take ownership of the project. When something goes wrong, they are to blame because they are suppose to make sure that everything goes the right and things are get done the right way. “It is the primary part of the SME’s job description along with training new employees how to use the system, checking up on users, validating accuracy, and resolving issues”(pg. 262). Along with all the other responsibilities that they have they also have to implement the three primary variables in a project that they are managing which are, scope, time, and cost. Having subject matter expert can alleviate scope creep on a project in many ways. The first thing is getting the SME for the project. The SME have to know what kind of requirement that the company or the customer is expecting from them. Sticking to the requirements that there were from the beginning and not allowing any changes to occur is also another way to alleviate scope creep. There also need to be very strong communication skill between the two parties. Many times when working on a project a person might not have enough time to finish because they have no control over it. Having an SME on a project can impact time constraints by making sure that they have a specific schedule to work with. The SME could breakdown the amount of time that they might spend on a specific part of the project. SME’s can track the progress of their teams work to make sure that they are on track to the time they’re suppose to finish the project. SME’s have to accurately predict what trouble may come their way when working on a project, so that way they...
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