Business Research

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Business research
1.0 UNIT 1
Part I
1.1 Formal Research and Business Proposal
When comparing formal research and business proposals it is imperative to note that the formal research is academic in nature while a business proposal has a more practical orientation to it as it is mostly used in the implementation of the various ideas that may have been noted to be affecting the business. The consideration will be in terms of the different objectives of both the formal research and the business proposal for instance their implications to the revenue levels in the firm as well as the operation in the firm. The differences and similarities will also be in terms of the applicability of the findings from the business proposal and those from formal research. There are a variety of differences and similarities between the two concepts both theoretically and practically. 1.2. Differences

1.2.1 Practical differences
The funding structures are different as majority of the formal research are funded by grants from the learning institutions as well as governments as well as other public bodies. The findings are therefore expected to add to the pool of knowledge in the discipline as opposed to being geared towards the solution of particular problems that are faced by certain firms. The business proposal on the other hand is funded through the various firms especially when they come to the realization that there are certain problems that are contributing negatively towards the achievement of the goals of the organization. An example to illustrate why the findings from the formal reports and those from business proposal are different can be found in the filed of the Human Resource (Buckley et al., 1998). Here, the formal research may identify the various roles that the HR professional can play in an organization, for instance, acting as agents of change, preparing the strategies etc. the formal research does not go any further and this is where the business proposal begins, it does this by for instance incorporating the roles that are identified by the formal research into the various recommendations that can be used in dealing with the HR problems an issues in the firm. The formal research is often modeled in such a way that it can be replicated while also aimed at building on previous research that had been done in the area. This s not the case with business proposal as the findings is always geared at finding optimal solution to the problem that the firm was facing (Sekaran & Bougie, 2003). The formal research also gives an allowance so that they can be proven through experiments while the business proposal does not allow for experiment to be carried out regarding the findings. This is because the goal of business proposal is the solution of a particular problem which ones solved the goal of the proposal shall have been achieved (Buckley et al., 1998). There are also differences regarding the sources of data that are used for instance the business proposal uses mostly industry and firm specific information while the formal research uses the latest scholarly articles which are considered reputable to the community of the scholars. 1.2.2 Theoretical differences

The other major difference between formal research and business proposal lies in the purpose for which the report is written. The formal research is meant to generate knowledge in different disciplines without a focus on the solving of the problems that are facing any organization. There is a noted very little practical implication of the formal research to the different operations of the organizations thus in most cases, forma research does not have a great role to play in the panacea of the efforts of the management (Buckley, Ferris, Bernardin & Harvey, 1998). The business proposal on the other hand is very important to the organization as it has very practical implications to the solution of various problems that an organization may be facing. The business proposal will...
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