Business Report of Garment Industry

Topics: Marketing, Monopoly, Competition Pages: 3 (312 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Principles of Marketing (MKT 351-05)
Fall 2012
Olga Di Franco

Written Report Structure/Contents:

Written reports should be structured according to the following format:

1. Cover Page (group member names, course title, date, title of report, etc.) 2. Table of contents
3. Executive summary (1-2 page summary [not introduction] of the entire report) 4. Brief history of the industry
5. Current marketing environment of the industry (see Chapter 4 and next page for details) 6. Emerging trends in the industry (e.g., new markets, new competition, new technologies, new legislation, etc.) 7. Extensive Bibliography (follow American Psychological Association guidelines) 8. Appendices (e.g., tables, charts, graphs, advertisements, etc.)

The Marketing Environment Outline

Direct Market Environment.

1.Objectives and resources of the firm. (Not required for the marketing project in this class.)

2.Competitive environment.
a.Competitive structure of the market
-monopoly, oligopoly, monopolistic competition, pure competition
-number, size, market share, location
-products, marketing strategy
-direct, indirect
c.Competitive analysis

External Market Environment. (Note: Include information on all categories that apply.)

3.Economic environment.
a.Global economic situation
b.Business life cycles
c.Interest rates
d.Consumer disposable income
e.Consumer demand & spending patterns
4.Technological environment.
a.New discoveries and innovations
b.Speed of technology transfer
c.Rates of obsolescence
d.Social concerns
-pollution, unemployment, ethical use of information
5.Political environment.
c.Formal political power
-political parties, unions
d.Informal political power
-lobbying groups, consumer groups, national sentiment
6.Legal environment.
a.Government agencies
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