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BUSINESS PLAN & PRODUCTSCertificate IV in Business: TAFE Sydney Institute| Teacher: Henry Forte
Teacher: Henry Forte
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2.1 Business Activity
Retail fashion is through times has gone through so many rapid changes with constant demand for new clothing products created by fashion designers. However in a clothing line business, the specifications and descriptions of the designs and clothes are so general that they can fit more than one costume, which actually are quite different in nature from each other and this is solely dependent on the taste of people. We look this fact as a good opportunity to set up a fashion line especially in Sydney where the women and girls have the sexiness angle covered. The proposed business will be a fashion line. This proposed business is a start-up retail of uptown fashion line that reflects edgy but glamorous style. The apparel is designed with individual sophistication with a modern spin. Targeted for women and girls, the brand includes styles such as Tops, Dresses, Pants, Shirts, Skirts, Jackets and accessories with a glamorous touch. While our initial goal is to open one boutique, expansion plans include potentially franchising our retail store and/or building a well-recognized brand name. In turn, we would hope to penetrate a sizable portion of the online retail market.

2.2 Ownership Structure
The business will be operated as a partnership with Swasti Ariani and Richard D. Kitts as co-owners of fashion line. The proprietors have chosen to operate as a partnership to gain benefits by combining their different skills and financial resources. And both are agreed to hold equal shares of ownership in the company.

2.3 Business Name
The business will trade under registered name of “Gritty Glam”.

2.4 Business Location
Gritty Glam fashion line will be located at 471 Kent St, Sydney. Our company is a retail establishment selling fashionable women's clothing. Our business operates within the retail industry and is classified under Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) Class 4251 - Clothing Retailing. The gorgeous area includes numerous restaurants, an art gallery, coffee shop, candy store and a picturesque park in the town square. We have signed a one-year lease for a 120 square meters building. Also we have signed a one-year lease for Stitching Unit Building for warehouse & production. Working with the property owner Interior Design consultant, we have secured a $4,000 to beautify the façade of the building to include painting, signage and a new awning. Only slight internal renovations will be required - such as the installation of dressing rooms and decorative items. When considering the addition of wall mounts for merchandise, multi-level clothing displays as well as creative floor planning, this facility is large enough to support future growth. Additionally, we will be able to conduct all aspects of our business from this location. This includes deliveries and shipments, inventory management and administrative duties such as finance, buying and marketing

2.5 Entry Strategy
The business will be started up as a new operation. The reason for starting up as a new business is because we believe there are few uptown fashion lines that reflect edgy but glamorous styles in Sydney. Gritty Glam fashion line recognizes the importance of marketing. And to that end, we plan to promote our retail business with an ambitious, targeted marketing campaign, which will include a grand opening event, local media coverage, print advertising and a direct-mail campaign. Our goal is to keep our marketing budget to no more than 3% of our gross annual sales, and we will partner with some Rising new-comers Band and...

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