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Topics: Marketing, Entertainment, Leisure Pages: 18 (2463 words) Published: November 21, 2014

“Mobile Amusing Hub”
Course: Introduction to Business (BUS 101)
Sec: 6

Prepared for:
Maruf Rahman Maxim Lecturer
Department of Business Administration
East West University

Prepared By:


Submission Date: 14th December, 2013

Letter of Transmittal
December 14, 2013
Maruf Rahman Maxim
Department of Business Administration
East West University.

Subject: Submission of Term Paper.

Dear Sir,
We are very pleased to submit our assignment on any kind of business named “Mobile Amusing Hub” as you have authorized us to in this semester. We are honored to prepare this assignment under your guidance since it gave us an opportunity to know how to start a business “Freedom Island”. We have tried our level best to prepare an effective & creditable report on it. We believe that it is encouragement for us to get involved with this process of reporting and a way to enrich our knowledge. We honestly hope that our analysis will help to give idea of marketing strategy of a business in the real world. Thank You,

Sincerely yours,


Firstly, we would like to thank all mighty Allah who provides us knowledge, energy & skills to get opportunities & to increase our knowledge & experience by completing this project. Secondly, we especially thank to our instructor Mr Maruf Rahman Maxim Sir, Who guides us at every step & every aspect of this report, so that’s competed successfully. We would also like to express our gratitude to Ms. (Undergraduate Teaching Assistant of East West University) who provided us much useful information, sample copies, ideas valuable time, which made our term paper easy and successful. And we are thankful to those survey respondents for their kind patience during collection of our data through the survey. Finally, we would like to thank to our entire group members who give the term paper fulfill to end it. INDEX:


Executive summary
Objective Issue
Market Analysis
SWOT analysis
Product life cycle
Price of the product
Financial Summary

Executive summary
It is observed that now-a-days people do not have leisure time and even if they do have a spare time they spend it mostly at the social networking site such as Facebook. With the service industry booming theses days, it has made one thing clear that people are leaning toward the service sector to a great extent. Thus, we are introducing an entertainment zone where university going students will be able to refresh their mind and brain to reduce study stress. After attending classes usually students feel tired and boring. Therefore, at that particular time they need an effective break to get some refreshment or to get ready for the next class. From that point of view, we have got the idea of launching “Freedom Island”, which can act as a motivation factor and which will lead the students to be more focused on their studies. We did a survey on what the students want on their free time. Through analyzing the survey, we found out that they want to do things that are going to make their life more fun. With this in mind we have come up with games and entertainment that include ping pong skills, words and synonyms and laser show respectively. Since this is the initial stage of such a business that is why we are recruiting few employees but if required we are going to broaden our manpower requirement by outsourcing.

“Mobile Amusing Hub” for University going students used as Entertaining Zone” Before going...
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