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Topics: Security, Computer security, Risk Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: April 22, 2014

Research topic: Information security: the over comings of the risk management by the organization Student Name: NAVEENKUMAR MADDURI Course: MBA- Research methodology (515)

Instructor: Dr .Chris Tabi
Feb 26th 2011


1. Introduction

This research paper is mainly subjected on issues how the organizations overcoming the risk management. It focuses specifically on need for security, security risk from outer environment and security threats through humans. The following issues are considered for recommending different kind of security strategies, coding and decoding the security , reducing about organization security issues, developing of advance security strategy frame work. These issues are the key roles for developing the advance security in organizations and make stepping stones for security management model. This research states the main result which is depend on management behavior and their approach over the security. The amount of risk management impact on the level of the security is mainly depended on the leadership behavior and perspectives. finally ,this research approach will prove the major contributing factor for security in organization. Statement of the problem:

There are many issues related to the security by the organization since it is a complex issue. Thus, many issues are highlighted as research problem. Many attempts have been made to implement the alternative approach to security research as cultural, social and organizational considerations, still a missing perspective in research approaches so far. Although the people are very fond of security impact in...
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