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The orange has become the most commonly grown tree fruit in the world. Orange possibly originated in China, where the Chinese started planting it about four thousand years ago, but now it is an important crop in the Far East, the Union of South Africa, Australia, throughout the Mediterranean area, and subtropical areas of South America and the Caribbean. The United States leads in world production. In Brazil, oranges are grown everywhere in the coastal plain and in the highlands where orange culture rose sharply in the years immediately following World War II and is still advancing. Large quantities of fresh oranges and orange juice concentrate are exported to the United States and small shipments go to East Germany, Canada and Argentina. However, overproduction has glutted domestic markets and brought down prices and returns to the farmer to such an extent that plantings have declined and growers are switching to other substitute products. In Bangladesh orange is grown in some places of Sylhet, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Rangpur, and Panchagarh. The most commercially species important are the common or China orange, C. sineusis; the mandarine orange, C. reticulata, some varieties of which are known as tangerins; and the sour or Seville orange,C aurantium. The following report is a business plan of an Mandarin orange orchard, “Tree-mendus Orchard” /Six-seasons Orchard, Orange County” planned to have located near hill tracks of Goalbari, Moulovibazaar, Sylhet, having noted that, it is one of finest and most desirable place bumper cultivation of orange in Bangladesh. Sylhet is widely known for its citrus fruits (lemon, pineapple, orange, malta, etc) production, followed by efficient supply chain management and potential economies of scale (internal and external). The business plan describes all the elements and criteria supporting the establishment of the business and executing accomplishments and goals for the long run. INTRODUCTION

Tree-mendous Orchard is a partnership of four members, each having the equity of the same amount. Each person is responsible for the debts and obligations of the business unless they file for “limited liability.” Income and expenses are reported on federal and state “information” tax returns filed by the partnership. Partners are taxed on their respective share of the profits at their individual income tax rates.

High quality fruit produced by commercial growers is the result of years of experience in horticultural practices in addition to large financial expenditures in equipment, materials and labor. With a record of desirable production of orange in the Moulovibazar, having a favorable weather and irrigational condition, the farm believes in a desirable yield, taking highly in account of its productivity fluctuation with the change in climate, pollination, soil quality, propagation, pest control, etc.

After nursery plantation and fertilization, the trees require blooming its fruit not less than 3-4 years. The farm therefore has decided to invest a little more on the orchard and furnish it to give it a look of a picnic spot and rent it likewise for a regular flow of income. Charges will be set prior to season and occasions.

Property will be developed in a free flowing, park like fashion, with an interspersion of fruit trees and edible landscaping plants that will elevate our customers from the simple act of buying fruit or nursery stock to that of experiencing our natural environment at its best. This arboretum-type setting will provide customers the opportunity to take a "fruit walk" to sample many different fruit cultivars in season and subsequently purchase more fruit, or the nursery stock to grow their own. Sylhet, having greater prospects to attract tourists with its possession of unique blend of nature and mankind, and also for being a trademark for growing oranges in the country, the location of the farm gives it a high opportunity to meet...

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