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Your name: Irma Zamora
The course number:  BUS3004 
Instructor name: Kevin Krier
Date submitted: 02/08/2013
Title of your paper: Increase in Profit Margin

This paper will address what many companies have done in order to increase profit margins, within the company. In this introduction, there will be enough information to bring the curious reader, to continue reading and find many of the answers, to what many companies are choosing to do now a days, to make this even possible without hurting the credibility of the company. Many of the companies are trying to find different ways to cut on employees, and still have all the work done with, fewer employees in the company. In further research, it will also explain how this actually works and how many companies are also taking into consideration, training their employees appropriately for this to happen. Basically, the research will further help understand how many of the company’s techniques if done appropriately, might even work out for the company. It shows how because there are fewer employees in the company, companies are allowing the employee to take charge and responsibilities for many of their decisions, when getting the job done. It will also explain how management is being trained appropriately in order, to help employees grow and feel more comfortable when making decisions in reference to their responsibilities.

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Companies Having Fewer Employees

In this first section, I will explain in detail how companies are trying to find ways to cut on employees, to increase the profit margin of a company. Many companies are working hard to figure out how to get all the work that needs to be done with fewer employees. They are squeezing the employees that stay in the company with so much more responsibilities, “America is on a productivity binge, and to increase productivity, companies are squeezing more work out of fewer people, which saves them from paying soaring benefits costs for more full-time employees. (KEVIN G. HALL, McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS SECTION: BUSINESS; Pg. 3)

As mentioned, above many companies are taking this route of squeezing fewer employees to the Maximum, when getting work done for the company, by doing this they will save on employee benefit cost. Many companies are also cutting on full time employees, which also will help the company save employee benefit cost for their employees. Companies are also introducing the part time employee more than in the past. Part time employees, don’t require to have benefits and other things presented or offered to them at time of hiring, which in turn will allow the company to save significantly on that cost.

“Mitsui Chemicals says it will slash its workforce by more than 10% this year, to 5,900, and cut an additional 200 employees before the end of next year in an attempt to increase profits. The company will also sell some assets over the same period, although details were not disclosed.” (Andrew Mollet, April 14, 1999)

On this last quote it also explains with great detail and comparison how companies are moving,

Forward with part time employees to get the job done and save on financial cost for the company.

Many companies are going this route as it makes it easier to have the man power of enough

Employees, but they do not have the expenses of a full time employee. In conclusion, many

Companies are going this route to cut on expenses and make a large profit margin for the


Companies Training Management to Help Employees

Many of the companies, that are cutting down on employees are starting to train their Management properly. By doing this training they are actually helping the employees that are left with the company tremendously. The employees that are left to do the work of the other employees that companies...

References: Andrew Mollet, April 14, 1999
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