Business Management & Administration Module

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Business Administration Program
Management I - (Decision Making)

Madeline DeFeo
Room 703
Re-Submitted: 4/16/ 2012

2:10 Translation
2:20 Interpretation
2:30 Extrapolation

Facilitator: Professor Moises Pereyra


The following is my example of the intellectual skill of Comprehension, which includes the combined skills of Translation, Interpretation, and Extrapolation. I have read the following communication on “How Are Decisions Actually Made in Organizations?” Now I shall use the skill of Comprehension to obtain the meaning of the case study titled “Split Operations at Sky and Arrow Airlines” that follows the communication.

Split Operations at Sky and Arrow Airlines
By Madeline DeFeo – Boricua College

Jack’s job at Sky Airlines was his favorite, even though he had worked at various jobs before. He enjoyed going to work because he had fun kidding around with his co-workers. In the spring, when it was not so busy, Jack and his co-workers would throw a Frisbee around on the ramp. Even though this activity was frowned upon, Jack’s persona is laid back, so he knew when the right supervisor was working, and all the work was completed, that this activity would not be an issue. Jack knew it was important that all flights were sent out on time, with all passengers and bags on board; and that the customers were satisfied. He felt his job was easy to do because he liked his job so much.

When Jack began working for Sky Airlines, his employer sent him for his three-day Orientation and Training in Salt Lake City Utah, where emphasis was placed on excellent customer service, how important safety is at work, and having fun at work. Jack is thrilled about the mentioning of having fun at work, and the one story told about when a ramper was tied up and put into the back of a plane, before it took off. At the Orientation and Training, the newbie’s learned that other airlines had the same prices and times for travelling, but the reason why Sky stands out is because of its employee’s impeccable customer service, which makes Sky better than its competitors. When Jack left the three-day Orientation, he knew that Sky is a company who recognizes its employees as special individuals who are treated with respect, and love their job because they are able to have fun as long as their task(s) are completed. He sees that Sky Airlines considers their employees as an asset to the success of their airline.

Therefore, an employee who works at Sky Airlines is required to do their job efficiently by keeping safety and service as a high priority. Because the airline already has lower prices, does not mean their other qualities should follow. Therefore, this airline has proven to their customers that it is a wise decision to fly with them for many reasons.

The phrase “turning a flight” is a matter of teamwork, which Jack learns is essential when working out on the ramp. Your primary responsibilities are to unload bags and passengers off of flights, reloading them, and sending the flights out quickly to the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) by a particular time given to them by LAX. This is called a flow time, and it has a small window of time for this task to be completed, therefore, teamwork is of the upmost importance. An example is stated in this case study which explains a recollection that Jack has of when five aircrafts were down simultaneously. Two of the flights had tight flow times into LAX and another two flights are already late. While all of this confusion is happening, another issue is recalled, about a whole trailer of bags that had to be loaded on one of the LAX flights, which also was a freight shipment that had to connect with another flight at LAX. There was also the problem of the size of the box which was too large to...
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