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Topics: Unemployment, London borough, Economics Pages: 2 (325 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Unit 1: Business Purposes
P5 Criteria “Explain the characteristics of the local business environment.”

Define a local government.

Identify the departments within a local government and explain its general purpose. (Why is it beneficial for local residents to have specialist departments within the local government?)

Name your local government, mention the:

Number of ethnic minorities. What is the impact of this on the local area? (Mention more incentive for businesses to start up in the area)(Information is available on Redbridge website).

Number of shopping centre’s. What is the impact of these on the local area? (mention job increase-Information is available on Redbridge website).

Number underground and train facilities. What is the impact of this on the local area? (mention- people can commute out of the area to study and find a job-Information is available on Redbridge website).

What has your local government recently introduced into the area? How has this improved the local economic wellbeing, especially during the period of recession? (mention shopping centre’s)

Save in your area the following file RMShared:\BUSINESS\Miss Tai\Year 12 Level 2\ the consultation draft. On pages 27 and 28 there are 2 bar charts, which you need to add to your assignments. Once you have copied these into your assignments you need to analyse them. What has happened to Redbridge in the last 10 years? What sector is more dominant in Redbridge? (How could Redbridge council encourage more of those businesses to start up in the area?)

What is the rate of unemployment in Redbridge?

Which business industrial sectors are growing in Redbridge? What industrial sectors are declining in Redbridge?

What is happening to average earnings in Redbridge?

What is happening to the growth of businesses in Redbridge?

What is the local borough doing to support businesses? How is this helping the local area? Talk about at least two things in detail....
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