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Business Letter Sample Formats

By Karen-Edis Oct 08, 2014 779 Words
Letter of Application

1719 Escuela St. Brgy Nuevo Guadalupe Makati, City October 9, 2014

Banco de Oro, A-Arnaiz Paseo
832 Arnaiz Ave. cor. Edades St.
Makati City, Philippines

Dear: Mam/Sir
Good day! As an experienced communications professional , I’m very interested in the position of Sales Associate of Banco de Oro Arnaiz, Makati. I have the skills and I fit the qualifications needed by your company. I’m a graduate of Mass Communication from Universidad de Manila and has qualified experience as an Administrative Officer in Sales at J&J Company. I am 22 years old 5’3 in height and can speak English fluently. I also know how to speak basic Japanese and Chinese that indeed will help in your department as an effective leader to my staffs and to the clients as well. I hope that you will consider my application. I have my credentials and contact number attached inside. I’m looking forward to be a part of your team and to the growing BDO community.

Respectfully Yours,
Karen Julia Edis

Letter of Inquiry

October 19,2014

You’re advertisement on ACER newest cellphone catches my attention due to it’s advance apps and uses including the said front camera flash. I am favored to the advantages that your new product can help a journalist like me. But still, I have to clarify some details according to it’s new features that is the same with the Iphone 6 latest.

These are some of my questions to your advertisement, please explain to make it more understandable.

Size – Is it the same slim design with Iphone 6?
Quality- Is this would also break easily like the Iphone6?
Memory– Does it’s phone memory expandable?

I hope you can elaborate the features well, and really did hope it’s not totally the same with the Iphone6. Thankyou!
Respectfully Yours,
Karen Julia Edis

Letter of Order

September 23, 2014

Mr. Stanley Ong
Havaianas Fliptops
AJ Villegas, Mehans
SM Manila Branch


Good day ! I just want to order the following products from your store.

Havaianas Flips------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ P2,000 Havaianas Tops------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------P3,500 Havaianas Flats------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------P1,800

TOTAL……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… P7,300

Enclosed this is my BDO Manager Check no. 07868 in the amount of P7,300

I hope that my orders will be shifted as soon as possible in 1719 Escuela St. Guadalupe Nuevo, Makti City. I hope that my orders would be deliver at my address above before I leave the country on Tuesday, Oct 28. Thankyou!

Yours Truly, Karen Julia Edis

Letter of Acknowledgement

September 04, 2014

Dear Ms. Edis,

Welcome To SAVEMORE SUPERMARKET! You have a great decision to buy our products because we have a discount 20% of every purchase in our store.

I just want to informed you that your suki discount card will expire before this Nov 28 same year. Enclosed this is the OR NO. 123486537980A. You can still update your suki card at any branch of our supermarket to avail great discounts this coming holiday.

Thank you for your patronage. We pray for your success. Have a great shopping treats.

Sincerely Yours,
Ms. Rosette Blas

Letter of Claim

October, 19, 2014

Mr. Elmo Magalyon
Cherry Mobile Robinson’s Branch
Faura St. Manila


The product that I bought in your store is not reliable due to it’s defected earphone and charger. The said product is the new Flare2 duo which I bought nine (9) days from now.

I am so disappointed your staff tested it right before I buy it and promised me it’s good quality.

Would it be possible if I still exchange It for a new brand eventhough I ran two (2) days late than the said one (1) week warranty? I hope you would accept my favor as an active buyer of your products. Thankyou!

Yours Truly,
Ms. Karen Edis

Letter of Adjustment

Palmolive Corporation
1772 Viejo ST.
Rockwell, Makati City
October 14, 2014

Dear Mr. Florentino,

When we receive your letter of ordering October 12, 2014 we calculated that you will be receiving it immediately before the day you open your store. We are really sorry for the products that was not sent to you on your the operating hours and day. We understand the feeling of embarrassment to such irresponsible act of us.

Please give us a time to investigate the cause why your order did not reached before the day you open your store.

The management of Palmolive Philippines assure you that this would not happen again and promised to give you a discount the next time you ordered to us to minimized the your loss. Again, we are sorry. We hope that you would still keep a contact to us. Godbless!

Sincerely Yours,
Karen Julia Edis

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