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2 Overview

Our target product is to produce as much life stock, dairy, fish and green grocery products as possible through our farms, convert them to grocers and deliver them to households, catering and outdoor catering business units. Our major targets are households no matter how small, outdoor caterers, restaurants, buckers, hostels etc. The uniqueness of this venture is that it seeks to provide its consumers with an improved and quality assured products, from our farms, where product quality is assured in the strictest hygienic conditions and delivered to the very comfort of their homes. Although the main challenge to this venture might be the existence of local butchers and convincing the customers that this products will be affordable. This would be easily overcome by the fact that we own the source of our raw materials and through proper effective awareness campaigns.

3 Problems and Solutions

This product addresses the problems of doubts in the quality, source and hygienic conditions at which dairy, fish, grocery and green grocery products are made. It allows the introduction of modern and safe methods of food preservation, packaging and distribution, assuring consumers of their health security. Elsewhere in the world, such structures are already in place and the culture and confidence has already been instilled into consumers and the entire populace. Still, only very few grocery ventures produce their wares, store it, distribute it and control the quality of their products.

4 Opportunity

This concept attempts to displace entirely the already existing market for grocery and the other afore-mentioned products. If successfully implemented, we would be looking at every household no matter how small. Every home that cooks food uses grocery, every occasion that sounds rapidly consumes our products. So it is not wrong to state that our market opportunity is as large as the populace, and our target is to reach their...
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