Business Ethics and Studio Habitat Indonesia

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How to help low income houses clients while followed the architecture business ethics in Indonesia

Everyone deserves a comfort, save, and beautifully well-designed house to live in. Unfortunately, there hardly ever an architect who is willing to get involved in a low budget house design project whereas in fact, an architect support is extremely needed in one. People need a particular architecture solution for their lack of budget, space, material, and opportunity in building a house. On the other hand, the low budget house should be made with an ideal plan so it wouldn’t cost more than the fund they have. Which hopefully, can be done with a hand from an architect.

A good low budget house should be a sturdy one, so that it could have a low maintenance and sustainable construction. It should have fine light and circulation thus it won’t need much electrical energy which also means saving the energy and expense The space should be properly designed in an exact space, thus every space available is properly used and the material and structure are effective and efficiently applied along with the necessity so that the building cost can also be economized.

In Indonesia, the issue is crucial due to the need of good quality house supporting a good quality of life. With a well-constructed environment comes well social environment. The problem is the fact that most architects lack of awareness these days towards the need of middle class society for a good architecture. Not to mention the society which doesn’t seem to assume architecture as a fundamental issue. The main problem due to the problems, there is a very different opinion about how should architects deals with this matter. To make an affordable houses designed by an architect, first of all architect should lowering the rates below the standard rates decided by the Indonesian Architects Association. This is not a really ideal solution, because ethically those who want to create a price war in the business could misuse it. In the other hand, if we keep up with the standard fees, it was to high to be reach by the poor. The Affordable Houses

Affordable housing and low cost housing are the most talked about issues in the real estate sector these days. However, there is a distinct difference between the two concepts. In the absence of an institutional rental market in Indonesia affordable and low cost housing denotes ownership and not rental housing. Low cost housing generally refers to cost effective housing that relies on 'low cost technology' that ensures similar quality and durability as compared to more commonly used technologies.

In Indonesia, the affordable houses was definite by the government through some of the rules and laws and minimum standard, Indonesian government set some rules about it such as[1]: • It provides a comfort, save, and proper shelter for the user • It provides a proper air circulation, and ventilation for natural light • It provides drainage, clean water, and a proper waste system • It provides access to public facility

• It provides electricity

More over, there is some standard minimum area of the houses so it would fulfill the criteria to be called as ideal affordable houses (on exhibit 1 & 2)[2]

There’s still some unfinished points about this criteria and standards, for examples the government set up the standard height for ceiling in houses should about to be around 3.2 meters from the floor. In fact, with a great design on the layout and opening for windows and doors, 2.4 meters from the floor is all needed to had a proper, safe, comfort, and healthy affordable houses.

Business ethics for architects in Indonesia

Architects is someone creating an architecture[3]. The job is to make a real manifesto from the idea and the needs of a client. In doing their jobs an architect give a focus on some designs factors during the process, some of those are the style...
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