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Analysis of Article
This article is about Wendy Ho, the Mary Chia Holdings chief executive, has been credited with spicing up the brand's image, deciding to take it out of the heartland and into the realm of the exotic.

This article reinforces the concept of Sole-Proprietorship (ref: Unit 2 Types of Business). Mary Chia Holdings is owned and controlled by just one person although it may have many employees. It is the oldest and most common form of business ownership. Not only that, it is also the easiest form of business to start with limited funds whereby the owner, Mary Chia, registered her business under the Business Registration Act. But, there is no legal distinction between her personal property and the assets of the business. In case her business fails, her liability is unlimited and it will extend to her personal properties.

Another business concept would be Social Environment – Characteristics of Population (Gender) (ref: Unit 3 Factors That Impact Business Activities). In the article, Ms Ho states that “... female customers told me their boyfriends and husbands don’t feel comfortable in all our all-women spas”. Therefore, they decided to open up a men’s spa which is called Urban Homme to cater to the male clients needs. From there, they are able to know the different products and services the males and females want.

Even though the baton has been passed on to Mary Chia’s daughter, Wendy Ho, they share the same vision which is to bring the Mary Chia brand and experience to their clients beyond local shores. From this analysis, I learnt the importance of Sole-Proprietorship, how a business works under the Business Registration Act, and also the Social Environment, whereby the company have to think about the gender, size and demographics to gain more clients in the future.

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