Business Communication Trends

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Sade Jones


Matthew McCallister

04/19-5/23, 2011

When we think of a business, we just think of a well respected corporation that is most popular on the business list. With business communication being the furthest thing on our minds, it plays a major role in the success of any popular and up and coming business. Business communication is the master behind the entire corporation of a business, down to corporate, employees, technology, and tremendous business changes and decisions. Mentioning business changes, business communication is beyond communicating verbally, written, or electronically from one employee to the next in the workplace. Business communication is one that has many different trends that change over time. Never will trends completely stay the same within any workplace of a major business/corporation. With this stated, business communication is much more than what we think and it plays a major role in almost every workplace around the world. A business would not be a business without the communication as well as without the current trends in business communication. Major business communication trends that are most important are technology changes, teamwork, and legal and ethical concerns to name a few. When determining technology changes, the average American spends hours a day playing video games, watching television, using the internet, and listening to the radio. These technology changes make it harder for the average American to focus more on what's important in their day-to-day working environment. Technology is constantly changing so when it changes, the world and the individuals in it change with it. This defines how most businesses are quick to adopt all new forms of technology that will enhance the workplace and the experience for the workers. Certain new software programs and devices are all on the market to help businesses in their success as well as with the communication. Technology changes include devices like MP3...

References: Locker, K., & Kienzler, D. (2008). Business and Administrative Communication (8th edition). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.
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