Business Communication

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Business Communication

Md. Tarikul Islam
Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh
© Islam, M.T.

Topics Today
q  Topics Today
ü  Course Outline
§  §  §  §  Course introduction Topics included in the course Evaluation method What to expect and how to be prepared

ü  Start of the course, if time allows

© Islam, M.T.

The Course
q  Welcome!!
ü  To the Course-Business Communication
o  Course code: EMBA 501 o  To the students of EMBA Program o  This is a three credit course where one learns about §  Basics of communication §  Tools in communication o  For class schedule contact EMBA Coordination office

© Islam, M.T.

The Course: Studying Communication means

ü  Studying communication has three parts
o  Theory o  Applying theories in real life o  Feedback on application mentioned above

ü  Therefore we shall
o  First study the theory o  Then would know how to use the theories in real life o  Finally we shall check the applications for effectiveness and efficiency

© Islam, M.T.

The Course: Scope
q  Scope
o  This course is about learning fundamentals of communications and then communicating effectively and efficiently with the available tools in communications §  Therefore the course starts with the learning about communications followed by the lear ning and applications of communication tools available in place

© Islam, M.T.

The Course: Book
q  Recommended Book
o  We shall follow the book Business Communication by Lesikar §  Buy the latest edition o  Any other materials will be provided in due time §  Please remember that it would be more beneficial to go through more than one book §  Almost all the communication books are more or less on same issues

© Islam, M.T.

The Course: Contents
No Topics
01 Basics of communication 02 Introduction to communication, types of 03 Verbal Communication 04 Culture and communication 05 Non verbal communication 06 Technology and communication 07 General letters and job related letters 08 Curriculum vitae 09 Memorandum 10 Long formal business report 11 Research proposal communication, mediums of communication

Contents are subject to change

© Islam, M.T.

The Course: Evaluation
q  Evaluation
ü  There are two evaluations
o  One by students and o  One by the course teacher

ü  Evaluation by course teacher
o  Final exam for 40 marks o  Continuous Assessment (CA) for 60 marks including class presence

© Islam, M.T.

Evaluation: Final Exam (40 marks)
q  Final Exam
ü  A comprehensive exam at the end of the semester
o  Having 40 marks of value §  You should be prepared for the conceptual question in most cases §  Direct question would be the minimum or rare case

ü  Questions in the final exam mainly will check
o  Your overall understandings of the course o  Whether you are able to interpret the theories or not o  Whether you can create something new or not

© Islam, M.T.

Evaluation: CA (60 marks)
q  Continuous Assessment
ü  Combination of
o  Class works, homework, assignments, presentations, case study, viva etc. o  Exams §  Both quiz and class tests §  Either announced or unannounced §  Don’t miss as there won’t be any customization

ü  Weights
o  There won’t be any weights to any evaluation criteria. All will be converted into sixty. Final exam marks would be added to CA marks to decide on your grade in the course o  Remember there is no best of © Islam, M.T.

Evaluation: CA Details

ü  CA Details
o  Assignment: You would need to prove §  You can write letter properly §  You are...
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