Curriculum Design for Inclusive Practice

Topics: Education, Curriculum, Psychology Pages: 4 (1019 words) Published: May 31, 2012
Task 1 essay
‘Curriculum design for inclusive practice is central to effective earning and teaching’

This essay will focus on critically analysing and evaluating different approaches to curriculum design and heir implementation. It will also look at inclusive practice and how I ensure that my teaching is personalised to each individual learner. Also how effective practice has an impact on learning and teaching.

I Shall begin this essay by defining curriculum. Curriculum is in fact a broad term with many different definitions but each definition involves some idea of what should be taught. Reece and Walker (1997) define curriculum as ‘Programmes for learning and those factors which influence the quality of learning’

Curriculum is usually seen as a set syllabus by an awarding body. The content to be learned and assessed is provided by the examining authority. It is then usually up to the subject teacher to plan the course and produce a scheme of work for the course (Scales 2008).

I have been doing my teacher training at a local college of further education mainly with a group of learners on the Access to Combined Studies course. The purpose of the course is to allow mature students (age 19+) to gain a qualification that is accepted to gain entry onto a higher education course. These learners may not have had previous successful educational experiences; the subject I was teaching was Sociology. There is only one teacher of Sociology on the access course and he is also the course leader. It is therefore up to him to plan the course, the delivery and what resources are used.

The process of learning for this course is very much student centred with the students having to complete and pass various units to gain their qualification.

The awarding body for this course is the NOCN (National Open College Network). They set out a syllabus with clear learning outcomes and assessment criteria. The methods used to achieve these criteria are down to...
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