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„Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal“ – probably each of us would agree with these words of Henry Ford. Coaching – is a teaching method, which helps individuals to approach an obstacle as a challenge and reach their aims with less difficulties. Coaching is a simple and effective technique, which helps to reveal the inner potential of the personality. The aim of this project is to overview the term of coaching, to find out the difference between coaching and mentoring, and to look through different sort of coaching methods. Moreover, one of the main part of this work, will consist of introducing the theory of business coaching.

The Term of Coaching

Coaching - is a method of teaching or training in which a coach helps for trainee to achieve a specific personal or professional result or goal. Coaching is a way to help people make the best use of their own resources. It is a way to bring out the best of people's capabilities. Coaching helps people set goals and then reach those goals. Coaching is goal and results oriented and can focus on virtually any area of life: business, career, family, health, personal growth, spirituality, intimacy, simple living, and financial development. Historically the evolution of coaching has been influenced by many other fields of study including those of personal development, adult education, psychology (sports, clinical, developmental, organizational, social and industrial) and other organizational or leadership theories and practices.Since the mid-1990s, coaching has developed into a more independent discipline and professional associations such as the Association for Coaching, The International Coach Federation, and the European Coaching and Mentoring Council have helped develop a set of training standards. There are many definitions of coaching, mentoring and various styles of management and training.What follows are more...
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