Business Administration

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Business Administration:
Business administration and management is a popular career choice, especially in the United States and other capitalist countries where big business is so prevalent. Business managers typically carry a great deal of responsibility and may count among their duties anything from basic decision-making to training and employee relations. Typical training for corporate managers includes receiving an advanced degree referred to as the M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration). With the large number of managers in the world, and the various responsibilities undertaken by the collective group, such degrees are becoming more common and resources for managers more prevalent. The links herein are related to business administration and management.

What is an Organization?
“It is an entity where two or more persons work together to achieve a goal or a common purpose.” There are so many organizations around us. Daily we visit and see many organizations hospitals, colleges, factories, farms and government offices. Mosque/Church is also an example of an organization. People go there and say prayers. Activities of praying are to achieve a certain goal. Similarly, any unit in which two or more persons are working together for some purpose is called an organization.


If there is a Business entity or organization, then there must be some People. They work as whole for a common Purpose, so there must be a defined purpose. If a Business entity doesn’t have any purpose, it will not survive for long run. To achieve the purposes by using people, the processes are needed. Without any Process, you cannot achieve any type of purpose or goal. For achieving these goals, we use some processes. So that process is also obvious and important for a Business entity. The last important thing for any Business entity is that it requires main pillars of management i.e. POLCA:

Main processing functions for business management are,

• Planning
• Organizing
• Leading
• Controlling
• Assurance

A manager must perform all theses management functions with Assurance! Other responsibilities are:
• Communication
• Hiring, Training And Employees Development
• Information System
All above processes are includes mainly decision making and decision taking. In fact the business administration is responsibilities are to manage the resources of business entity for growth of business by suitable decisions making and decisions taking. Management is set of instructions and responsibilities of mangers.

The concepts of managers and management are explored in this session. Every Business entity, regardless of size, type, or location, needs managers who have a variety of characteristics. Managers may come from any nationality or be of either gender. Managers are mainly administrators of any business entity.

Four questions are addressed:

1. Who are managers?
2. What do managers do?
3. What is management?
4. Why study management?

1. Who are Managers?
“A manager is someone who works with and through other people by coordinating their work activities in order to accomplish organizational goals.”

2. What do managers do?
No two managers’ jobs are alike. But management writers and researchers have developed some specific categorization schemes to describe what managers do. We can focus on following five categorization schemes while making mind what do managers do:

Management functions and management process as detailed below: Traditionally, a manager’s job has been classified according to the following four functions

Planning: determining Business organizational goals and the means for achieving them Organizing: deciding where decisions will be made, who will do what jobs and tasks, and who will work for whom Leading: inspiring and...
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