Topics: Renewable energy, Federal government of the United States, Photovoltaics Pages: 3 (2217 words) Published: November 2, 2014
SolyndraEthical issue Students Name Professor Name Course Name Date Introduction A California-based company, Solyndrawas a manufacturer of slim-film solar cells attached to panels of cylindrical that can deliver additional energy than conservative flat photovoltaic panels. Solyndra, founded in 2004 by businessman Chris Gronet, pushed the Obama administration to help its niche solar technology competent cylindrical solar panels that were relatively very expensive to make but easier and economical to install on the roofs of commercial buildings.Wang, Ucilia The companys new system build up the elastic cells, made of, gallium indium, copper and CIGS, onto tubes of cylindrical where they may perhaps soak up energy from every course, as well as from effected and oblique light. The company got reputation as the Presidents green jobs program that could provide employment to hundreds of people (Michelle 2010). On the other hand, it does fetch up significant questions in relation to the ethical administration of Obama, and the campaign contributions influence. Solyndras bankruptcy incited questions over whether political associations participated a position in the process of selection and how the fiscally not well company was capable to be qualified for the loan guarantee McGrew, Scott The company became bankrupt in spite of the fact that it had cost the tax payers five hundred million dollars. Melissa C. Lott The company had been granted the federal loan guarantee from the government after the President visited the company and saw it as a chance for economic growth. It got raided by the FBI after the company declared its bankruptcy. Even though those question are very much interesting, its major focuses on an ethical issue thats included within the larger section of Solyndra story, and tells us about how interest of conflicts must not be handled. This is if not a moral problem entirely, is a mistake which is bone-headed a wound which is self-inflicted, and is the...

References: Baker, David R. (7 September 2011).Solyndra files bankruptcy, employees sue.The San Francisco Chronicle. Melissa C. Lott (27 September 2011).Solyndra Illuminating Energy Funding Flaws.Scientific American. Solyndra Offered 535 Million Loan Guarantee by the U.S. Department of Energy.News and Information, 2009. Solyndra LLC. 9 March 2009. Retrieved 13 June 2012. Baker, David R. (7 September 2011).Solyndra files bankruptcy, employees sue.The San Francisco Chronicle. Leonnig, Carol D.(8 September 2011).FBI searches shuttered Solyndra offices, plant in California.Washington Post. Retrieved 8 September 2011. McGrew, Scott.Solyndra to Declare Bankruptcy. NBC Bay Area. Retrieved 2 September 2011. Woody, Todd (3 November 2010).Solar-Panel Maker to Close a Factory and Delay Expansion.The New York Times. Retrieved 3 November 2010. Wang, Ucilia (7 October 2008).Solyndra Rolls Out Tube-Shaped Thin Film. Greentech Media. Y, dXiJ(x(
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