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National Diploma in Business Level 6

Business Environment



People credited with this unit standard are able to:
assess political, economic, and cultural trends
monitor and evaluate new processes and technologies
monitor the competitive environment and assess opportunities identify, research and evaluate opportunities for business development assess impacts of options on current business operations, and identify required changes to operational methods and structures to achieve business development

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Assessment PART A

Question 1.1 (pc 1.1)

Using the ‘Transport Group’ case study:

Identify at least two relevant political policies that relate to the range listed above Assess the impact of these policies on current operations and potential development of business in New Zealand

1. The first policy is related to Kyoto protocol. This is good policy to control CO2 by government. It reduce all the CO2 which comes from other transports. It can impact on transport group significant. In new Zealand all bus transports are following to this rules. 2. The second policy is private buses. Before 1990s, the government had to arranged the buses and other transports for public. But after sometime, they started to used private transport.

By these two policies, the government should reduce the CO2 because private buses help to reduce CO2 and public can get good travelling transport. Kyoto protocol is the best policy to reduce CO2.

Assessment PART A
Element 1
Assess political, economic, and cultural trends.
1.2Relevant national economic indicators are selected and assessed in terms of implications for business development.

Rangemay include but is not limited to – inflation, unemployment, interest rates, investment spending, money supply, share market fluctuations, business confidence, availability of credit, disposable income, gross domestic product, national income indicators. .

Why invest in New Zealand?
New Zealand's stable economy and political system, reputation for innovation and the ease of doing business make it an attractive place to invest.

The right partnerships between overseas capital and New Zealand businesses have resulted in outstanding commercial successes. The New Zealand Government actively encourages foreign investment and the country has world class infrastructure to support business activity. Whether you are a corporate, funds or individual investor, there are a number of compelling reasons to consider New Zealand. Source: New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

Question 1.2 (pc 1.2)
You have been hired by a prospective overseas investor who has read the above extract from the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise website and wants to know more about investment and business development opportunities in New Zealand. The investor is also interested in Australia but wants to invest in either New Zealand or Australia.

You are to present information to the investor after assessing the various economic indicators of New Zealand in terms of implications for business development. You may refer to New Zealand trade website ( and New Zealand statistics ( website for further information.

You are required to select and assess six relevant national indicators from the range provided above. The investor’s decision to...
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