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Contemporary issues in management An investigation into “The Failures of the Management of the NHS Child care service”

Introduction It is often accepted the concept of management has been foreseen as the forefront of all organisational (Ng, 2011). Mullins (1987) highlights, management is perceived core fundament for the effective operation of a work based organisation. Throughout, the literature it is widely explored upon, the general concept of management. Moreover, there have been many studies which focus upon the different styles of management (Stamp, 2007). In addition, due to the rapid development and diversification of organisations, there has been considerable amounts of research into the communication systems used in relation to managers. (More, 1998; Poon et al, 2003). Furthermore, the research of Varey (1996) highlights, there is the need to study what managers and those who are managed mean by communication and what they do and do not do when communicating. The purpose of this analysis is to investigate the failures of the management of the NHS childcare services, which led to the tragic death of Baby Peter Connolly. Due to the tragic loss of such a young life, an inquest was made into how such a tragedy was allowed to occur. Therefore a full blown investigation of the NHS, subsequently weaknesses where apparent though it would be identified there where many factors apparent to the loss of life. A trend appeared for which is relevant to the general management and handling of information and communication. Therefore this investigation will be based upon the management styles and communication systems used within the NHS childcare services, thus concluding upon recommendations.

Case Summary – (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-11622644)

The case is set, directly after the uproar of Baby peter Connolly. Consequently, due to the loss of such a small and significant life, an independent report was conducted with

condemning results in regards to the quality of the management of the NHS child care services system. On review of the overall report the following evidence was found to be the core failures, which led to the death of baby P. Initially, the process of identifying children which are at immediate risk was greatly evident from the death of baby P. Other significant factors involved, independent bodies of different professional, having a high degree of isolation from one another with minimal interaction and co –ordination. This was evident throughout the case as directly quoted

“A confidential report into Dr Al-Zayyat by one of the country's top paediatricians concluded Peter's condition should have prompted her to take urgent action.” “The report also criticised serious problems at the clinic, jointly run by the hospital and the Haringey primary care trust, where there was a lack of staff and poor case management. Doctors had few medical notes on the children they were examining.”

Subsequently a correlation appeared throughout the report as regularly independent research found, general data collection, was deemed poor. Furthermore, the lack of supervision of higher peers had detrimental effects for the current existing safeguarding of children. On brief analysis, two key concepts can...
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