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BUS272 Memo 2



When i was in high school , I was one of the starters of English Club.This club was started by four persons and each of us had great passions in English.That's why we start this club. The purpose of this club is to help the students improve the English skills in speaking, writing, reading and listening .In this club I was in charge of the reading part because i was good at reading.We worked for this club in cooperation with an appropriate division of labour,so the club became the top club in our school at that time.
But we can only prepare our lecture in spare time and sometimes i was so stressed when i was required to prepare for my exam as well.It was undoubtedly a challenging job but i still love it.
However, what we need to improve is that we should learn to listen.For example,John didn't come to give class one day and after that the leader of our club was so angry that he didn't give any opportunities to John explaining his reason of absence.Actually i can really understand why our leader was so angry,but i think that listening is important to solve the problem.However,my leader just thought that John was lack of responsibility .It was unfair to John.It was the hardest period in my memory.Therefore , I learned that we need more communications especially in a team.
Generally,I got a lot in English Club.At the beginning ,i had no experience to work as a teacher but gradually i found out the interests of imparting knowledge through the interaction with my students.Besides,i become more confident when i was speaking in front of the public.To be honest,I love teaching job from this experience.Finally,I also find that it is significant for a team being in cooperation with an appropriate division of labour,otherwise the work will be less efficient and effective.
If i am lucky to have another chance to be a teacher in a team again, i would like to be a leader to create the better interpersonal relationship between the team member.I will not allow the unpleasure experience which i have mentioned above arise again. For example ,i can hold the parties or some activities to build up the relationship between my team members. I believe that the more they know each other,the more cohesive the team will be.
According to the Team Effectiveness Model, the English Club lack an organization leadership although we have leader at that time.I don't think the leader is qualified because he almost did nothing to the club,so he didn't really play the role of leader.The team also lack team cohesiveness because we seldom talk to each other about our feelings or ideas of teaching.Besides, I suppose that reward system is a crucial part in a team.In English club i felt stressed due to the heavy burden of workload,but if the reward system was existing at that time,i am sure it would ease my mind a lot and it would make me more productive .Generally speaking,the team (English Club) is a successful team because We tried our best to satisfy member needs and finally achieve our expectations.Almost all the students joining our club made progress in their final exams which was considered as the best reward to us.
In English Club ,the worst part is conflict resolution due to a lack of communication.As we know that communication is a coordinating work activity which is very crucial to a team.
My reflection
I find that organization is such a complicated system and it is not easy to run it well. I choose my own experience as the source of this memo because i think i can show the real feelings about a team and what i really get from a team.I get to know more specific elements of a team when i apply the concepts of Team Dynamic chapter.I don't know why after i learn this chapter i really want to get a chance to be a leader which i never think about previously.

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