Bullying Effects

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Self-esteem Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Causes and Effects of Bullying
Every year, approximately 7 percent of students report to being bullied (“Physical”). Most people know bullying is wrong, but it continues to play a dominating role in the lives of adolescents. Whether the bullying was done by spreading rumors, calling someone names or through the Internet, there are many different causes of bullying, why it occurs, and how it effects the victim. The causes of bullying can influence how the bully decides to target a victim. Victims of bullying can be targeted through physical, verbal, indirect or cyber bullying. The effects of bullying can be severe and long-lasting among victims. Physical bullying is one of the most-common types of bullying. “In many cases the bully's childhood is marred by poor parental example or outright neglect” (“Causes and Effects of Bullying”). An abusive childhood can cause one to physically bully another. Physical bullying can happen in many ways: hitting, pushing, tripping, or even spitting ("Physical Bullying"). Since a physical bully hits the victim; he needs to be stronger and bigger than the victim. Physical bullying tends to affects the small or weak. “Kids who are bullied can experience negative physical, school, and mental health issues” ("Effects of Bullying”). The effects of physical bullying can be very harsh on a victim. Physical bullying causes many problems such as health issues and physical injuries. In return, the victim may suffer from extreme depression and low self-esteem. Physical bullying may also cause broken bones, bruising and in extreme cases, death.

Verbal bullying is the second-most-common form of bullying. Verbal bullying starts at a very young age and is popular (“Types of Bullying”). Those who do not learn that taunting is harmful at a young age, usually grow to become verbal bullies. Verbal bullying is not used to cause physical pain, but emotional and psychological pain (“Types of Bullying”). These causes’ verbal bullies use...
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