Bullfighting Speech

Topics: Cattle, Animal rights / Pages: 2 (465 words) / Published: Nov 6th, 2010
Good afternoon everyone. In this speech, I have chosen the topic of bullfighting. It is, in my opinion, a brutal and cruel activity covered up by culture and tradition. In this speech, i hope to let you see why bullfighting is in- humane entertainment.
In past decades, bullfighting has been an accepted and admired as a 'sport'. It has been portrayed as courageous and matadors have been made into heroes. In reality, bullfighting is a murderous, vicious bloodbath with no bravery what so ever. 35,000 bulls are inhumanely slaughtered annually in Spain alone.
Prior to a bullfight, the bull has his sight diminished by petroleum jelly, strength eliminated by tranquilizers, given laxatives and severe beatings to the kidneys. If this was to happen to a human, it would be deemed torture so why should it be allowed to happen to an animal? Also he is kept confined in darkness for hours preceding the fight. Over 90% of bulls in fights have had their horns 'shaved'. This means that several cm of the bull's horns have been shaved off, and the bull misses the target he is aiming for because of the altered angle.
Although the matador is represented as brave to face the bull; the truth is the poor animal is much too weak to defend himself when it comes time to fight. The bull is released into the ring and stabbed repeatedly by the matador, two men on horses and three men on foot. Horses are also a victim to this cruel Spanish tradition. The bull, frightened and angered by the attacks induced on him, fights back by thrusting his horns at his torturers. Unfortunately, his opponents are on horseback and the bull instead strikes the horses.

Following, the degrading attack suffered by the bulls and horses, the matador waits until the bull is grounded by blood loss and exhaustion before attempting to make a clean kill with a sword to the heart. However this will rarely happen and often pierces the bull's lungs instead, prolonging his torture. To spare the audience the sight of a

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