Bullfighting In Medieval Spain

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During the eight centuries of the Spanish War of the Reconquest ( from 711-1492 A.D.), the Moors,knights, and Christians, not comfortable killing one another, would allow themselves (once in a while) a respite; but in order for them to not become bored, and also to release their “manly” instincts, they would all compete in this hunting expedition existing in the Iberian lands. Deer and other lax animals were easy prey, and while a cornered bear or boar would put up a fight, it was never a challenge for the valiant knights. However, the scenario was never the same when they faced the Iberian bull. This beast, with its unique noble bravery would, when provoked, rather die fighting than flee - transforming the hunt into a challenging exchange in which the bravest of warriors could bring their outermost courage. Perhaps a nobleman with a daring spirit thought about capturing several of these horned beasts, taking them to their village, and recreating the thrill of a hunt so that the knights would demonstrate their skill and win the admiration of the subjects. Thus, in a small corner of Medieval Spain, the beginning of what today is Spanish spectacle of bullfighting was created. The earliest record …show more content…
Each encounter between the Bull and the matador lasts about 15 minutes. The Corrida begins at 5 PM. In the beginning the three matadors, each of them are followed by their assistants, the banderilleros and the picadors, march themselves into the ring to the accompaniment of traditional paso doble (“march rhythm”) music.. The matadors are the stars of the show. The matador wears a very specific costume, that includes: a silk jacket embroidered in a lot of gold, skin tight pants, and a montera (a bicorne hat). A traje de luces (“suit of lights”), can cost several thousand pounds (1000 pounds = 1540 American dollars); a top matador must have a minimum of six a traje de luces a

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