Buisness Situation

Topics: Risk, Human rights, Culture Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: May 3, 2013
1) Suggest ways in which persons might prepare themselves to handle unique business customs that may be encountered in a trip abroad.

In such situation the business person should.

a. Know all about the foreign cultures through different ways like by reading different helpful material and also by visiting with foreigners and individuals who have lived in the country he will visit.

b. Situation and sensitize himself by projecting himself into achievable situations and analyzing his learned belief patterns.

c. Look for instruction from ambassadors, consultant and some others who can give guidance in a professional way.

2) Interview a foreign student to determine the types of cultural shock he/she encountered when he/she first came to Pakistan.

3) Visit Transparency International Web page and check to see how the CPI Index for countries listed in Exhibit 5-5 has changed. Searching TI’s databank, explain why the changes have occurred. The site is found at: http://www.transparency.de.

4) Visit the Web sites of Shell and Nike at: http://www.shell.com/static/src-en/downloads/annual_reports/2006/ar2006_sd_commitment.pdf for Shell and http://www.nikeresponsibility.com/#home for Nike and compare their statements on corporate values. What are the major issues each address? Do you think their statements are useful as guides to ethical and socially responsible decision-making?

5) Go to your favorite Web reference source and access some recent news articles on Nike and alleged human rights violations. Access the Nike statement on corporate values at http://www.nikebiz.com/responsibility/ and write a brief statement on the alleged violations and Nike’s statement of corporate values.

6) You are an executive in a large domestic company with only minor interests in international markets; however, corporate plans call for major global expansion. Visit the homepage of Control Risks Group www.crg.com. After thoroughly familiarizing...
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