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Fall Semester 2012 Syllabus

Section 2000-03, Tuesday/Thursday 2:00pm-3:15pm, Valley Road Bldg, Rm 2009 Section 2000-61, Tuesday 6:00pm-8:40pm, Valley Road Bldg, Rm 2006

Course Instructor
Dr. Sharon A. Simmonssimmonss6@wpunj.edu
1600 Valley Road, # 3070 Office Hours: One hour before class time.


Required Textbook
DuBrin, Essentials of Management 9th, 2010, Cengage ISBN-13: 978-0-538-47823-6 Text website: http://www.cengagebrain.com/shop/ISBN/9780538478236?cid=APL1

Course Overview:
This course introduces the basic principles, policies, problems, and successful methods of business organization and management. Emphasizes management’s ability to analyze, plan, coordinate, and control the varied activities of production, personnel, finance, and marketing. Also examines social responsibility and environmental factors affecting business policy and operation.

Course Objectives:
The primary goal of this course is to introduce the basic tenants of management theory and explain the interactive nature of the management process, in order to prepare students for more advanced business management courses. The course is built around a number of core objectives. By the end of the semester, you should be able to: • Define the various roles, functions, and levels of management • Present a review of major management theories and the evolution of the discipline • Define the basic stakeholder groups and their expectations • Develop critical thinking, research, oral and written communication skills • Promote an understanding of how organizations create value • Demonstrate how course topics build on one another to create integrated knowledge

Teaching / Learning Style
The course will involve a lecture format with extensive interaction between students and the instructor. The teaching style will mix theory and academic concepts with practical applications, case discussions and student presentations. Students will be challenged to grasp, relate and apply ideas and concepts in real-world management contexts.

Student Assessment/Evaluation
Students will be formally assessed using a variety of examination methods. Further explanation of each of these assignments is available on Blackboard. Specific guidelines for the midterm will be presented in class.

Weekly Reading Assessments50% See Schedule (Note 3)
Team Case Analysis10% See Blackboard (Note 1)
Management Observation Journal 30% Weekly Entry/Final Presentation (Note 2) Class contribution/participation 10% See Attendance/Participation Policies Interview of a Business Manger ** 5 Extra Credit Points (Note 4)

For the most part, letter grades will correspond with the following percentages:

A 95-100% A- 90-94.9% B+86-89.9%
B 80-85.9% B- 77-79.9% C+ 74-76.9%
C 70-73.9% C- 65-69.9% D 60-64.9%
F under 60%

Attendance/Participation Policy
Attendance is MANDATORY. It is not an option. You are allowed one unexcused absence. Attendance will be taken during every class session. If you have more than one unexcused absence, you will forfeit the class participation grade (10% of final grade). You are expected to come to class prepared, and play an active role in the discussions. This means reading assignments and preparing cases in advance. The issue is the quality of your contribution more than the quantity. Participation/contribution includes asking or answering questions, agreeing or disagreeing with points made by the instructor or your peers, providing insights and presenting examples in class.

Accommodation Policy
Accommodations, such as exam administration, are not provided retroactively; therefore, planning for accommodations as early as possible is necessary. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate these needs clearly and...
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