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1. The case study suggests that Buick has a series of regional strategies. They were exporting products for long time that were specially designed with the U.S market trends and needs in mind. This contains selling left hand driving cars in the right hand driving countries like India and Japan where their laws allows to operate such cars. When Chinese market share increased and became world’s largest passenger car market, they changed their market focus towards the needs of Chinese market, which concludes that where Buick lacked in making a true global strategy.  Buick has either made cars for the U.S. market and distributed them to other countries or it has taken cars designed by GM for other markets (Opel in Europe, Holden in Australia) and relabeled them as Buicks. Either way, the past has not really reflected a cohesive global strategy.

2. GM’s global manufacturing facility in China such as Shanghai GM does solidify its position as global strategy. GM is using Foreign Direct Investment route of setting up facility of manufacturing Buick vehicles in China where it has received overwhelmed response on having over million vehicles bought by Chinese consumers. GM has positioned itself as global company by selling left hand vehicles in right hand driving nations such as China, Japan and Great Britain. GM Buick using Direct Investment approach in China signifies its strong presence of achieving success which they did not witness in home nation United States. GM Buick does solidify itself as Global Strategy as it has been trying to market its vehicles as premium vehicle line in China and other nations. The short answer to this question is “no.” GM has long had manufacturing facilities throughout the world. But as noted in question 1, that has resulted in lots of cars made for lots of markets under different brands. Then, that mix is further...
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