Bruce Almighty

Topics: Evan Almighty, Jim Carrey, Self-interest Pages: 4 (1273 words) Published: April 12, 2005
Kimberly Mena2/15/05
Mr. Shea Bruce Almighty

Bruce Almighty

Watching Bruce Almighty, starring Jim Carrey, we were shown several scenes. In these scenes examples of hopelessness, individualism, enlightened self- interest, compassion, hope, love, free will, relationships, sin, and images of God were seen throughout them.

In scene 2: This is my Luck; an example of compassion is when Grace is getting ready to give blood to those who are in dire need. Bruce responds that he isn't giving blood because he hates needles and because they stock up on the blood, an example of self-interest. When Grace says good bye to him, the only thing Bruce can say is that he is going to need a miracle to get to work at time. Once again, Grace is displaying compassion and love towards Bruce but Bruce is too worried about himself and work to even acknowledge Grace's actions, showing abandonment in a relationship with Grace. On Bruce's way to work, there is a severe accident and an ambulance is seen carrying someone but Bruce's remark is "Come on, not during Sweeps Week", showing severe individualism. After the meeting, Bruce approaches his boss and asks about the anchor position, the boss denies knowing any information but Bruce insists. He believes Evan is going to get the position so he says that he should be more like Evan because Evan is an ‘ass-hole'. Bruce proves that he can be just like Evan by flipping over the boss's bologna sandwich but Bruce instantly picks it up because he wants the boss to think highly of him, this action of helping someone in order to benefit you, is enlightened self-interest. After picking up the sandwich, the boss gives Bruce a live show and instead of saying thank you, Bruce's reply is "I won't forget you… when I go national!"

More examples can be seen when Grace is at her job, caring and loving for small children at a day care. Bruce calls her, not to say that he loves her or ask her how her day is going, but to notify her...
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