Citizen Kane

Topics: Citizen Kane, Orson Welles, Low-angle shot Pages: 4 (1723 words) Published: October 27, 2013
Citizen Kane is an American classic film from 1941 and it is regarded as one of the top ten greatest movies of all time. It was able to achieve this with a complex and clever way of telling a story and revealing the plot. Along with a great cast of new but talented actors, each helped brought their characters to life to make the film memorable. Especially the character Charlie Kane, whose performance made you both love him and hate him at the same time. The actor director Orson Welles crafted this piece of history by using a lot of techniques that we still see in films today. His heavy reliant on shadows and camera angles was how he gave such a great character and identity to every scene, all of these things came together so perfectly and it is what makes this classic so special. I was in awe after seeing Citizen Kane. It was the most original film I had ever seen. What I love about it was the story and plot. It plot was complex but it was told so intricately that it made the film very unique and ahead of its time. Citizen Kane was able to achieve this wonderfully and it sets the bar high for movies of this genre for generations to come. The movie starts out with a brief introduction the life and career of the mogul Charles Foster Kane which upon his passing, one seemingly irrelevant word sets in motion a mystery that immediately grabs the audience. What is the significance of “rosebud” and why has the dying man uttered them with the last breath of life. As the audience, I was embarking on this quest along with the news reporter to try and piece together the life of Charles Foster Kane. I was fully involved sitting behind my desk for the next two hours, very few movies had this attention and effect on me especially for an old film. The plot is revealed to the viewer in bits and pieces at a time, each time Welles intended for the audience to derive their own perception of each events and the characters. In fact most of the movie was a series of montages about...
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