Broad Socialization

Topics: Western culture, Man, Race Pages: 3 (1057 words) Published: February 5, 2009
Broad and Narrow Socialization
Broad socialization is based on individualism. Cultures that are based on broad socialization encourage independence and creativity. There is little or no restriction on the choices young people make. Children and adolescents are allowed to choose their own friends; they are allowed to choose their own occupation; self-expression is highly valued; and there are minimal restrictions on behavior. In cultures that favor broad socialization, community members barely know each other.

Narrow socialization is characterized by collectivism. Obedience and conformity are valued. Duty to the family is stressed; family is more important than individuality. Adults control friendship choices and occupation choices. There are legal restrictions on behavior. The community members usually know each other well, and they share the same beliefs.

I agree with the viewpoint that there are pros and cons of both broad and narrow socialization. It may be beneficial for cultures to adopt different aspects of each. It is beneficial for and individual to value family and have a sense of duty to the family and at the same time self expressive and creative, which are values taken from both broad and narrow socialization. As a result of showing signs of puberty at an early age, girls may experience embarrassment, depression, confusion, anxiety, and may even develop an eating disorder. My niece is nine years old and she has developed “little lady humps”. Her mother bought her a bra but she does not want to wear. She says the kids would notice and she doesn’t want o be the only girl wearing a bra. At the same time she is exited about getting a bra. I notice that she now walks with her chest curled inside. And wears jackets more often. She may be feeling confused about how come she is the only one in her class with breast. Its possible a child this age starting puberty, may feel social outcast, or that she may become on if the other kids...
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