Brl Hardy

Topics: Marketing, Brand, Brand management Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Case 7-2 BRL Hardy: Globalizing an Australian Wine Company

Question 1:
How do you account for BRL Hardy’s remarkable post merger success? There are a number of factors that account for BRL Hardy’s remarkable post merger success. First, the two companies had great strengths that they combined together. BRL had raw materials, money, and leadership, while Hardy had great marketing skills, a well-known brand and knowledge on how to make wine. Christopher Carson also contributed to the success of the company. When the company was losing profits he was able to get the company back on its feet by cutting costs, and creating a number of policies. Management also played a role BRL’s success. The top management in charge were appointed based on “earning their stripes”. This allowed for management chosen to be successful and experienced. BRL Hardy also had great production technologies which lead to their recognition in quality brands. Question 2

What is the source of tension between Stephen Davies and Christopher Carson? How effectively has Steve Millar handled their difference? I think the source of tension between Stephen Davies and Christopher Carson was due to a lack of communication and a battle for power. The main disputes arose over marketing strategies, especially in branding and labeling issues. Davies had great experience with marketing and had many suggestions when it came to branding products. Carson on the other hand knew the market very well and seemed to have a very demanding personality. To this day Davies and Carson have not handled their differences very well. It seems as if communication between the two is still very ineffective. Davies’ feels as if his opinions are never heard and Carson feels the same. Both men are very talented and I believe with a bit of compromising and working together as a team, they will be able to run the company very successfully. They just have to listen to each other and learn from...
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