British Parliamentary Debate Government Whip Compulsory Military Service

Topics: Conscription, Military service, National service Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: May 4, 2013
British Parliamentary Debate
Government Whip
Compulsory Military Service

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. This House believes that the government should allow the compulsory or mandatory military service to men and women. First of all I would like to ask you this things, who do you think are the people who do not wanted to serve their country or to offer any help to those people in need especially when you know that it is your colleagues or belongs to your community. Nobody right, because as a compassionate member of the community you will definitely do your best in order to help and extend your hands in able to serve others. It is important for the citizen of the country to render a service to its country and one very good example of that is the military service. Compulsory military service, or conscription, could cure many of our societal ills and allow teenagers to truly reach their fullest potential. Individuals have a prime duty to render a service or a military to the society which encourages them to work as one for the community and to avoid selfish living. Compulsory military service can help the citizens to become more responsible to its duty to serve, help and protect the community they belong in. It is only one way of showing your nationalism and patriotism to your country. We in the government side would like to point out that it is not only beneficial for the country to render a compulsory military service to particular age group, but most importantly we can see that it gives more benefits to the youth of today. Compulsory military service teaches them first to be aware of the basic military works and services such that physical training and basic weapon training not only beneficial to the country but also to them. Secondly, compulsory military service enables the citizens to gain values and self discipline; the youth may get self control, moral and intellectual idealism from this military service. We, in the government side do not agree...
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