Mandatory Conscription in the U.S.

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Mandatory Conscription In The U.S.
Should the United States have mandatory military conscription, and if so, who shall be required to serve? Military conscription will make it mandatory for citizens to serve in the military, usually men and women among the ages of eighteen through twenty-five. They will be required to serve at least two years. Only the able-bodied will be forced to serve. It can help to solve the economic problems are country is facing. Plus, it will put us on equal ground with many countries around the world. Although this sounds un-constitutional, it will make a positive impact in our country. To begin with, the idea of mandatory service seems un-American to many. Those who oppose conscription argue that this law would conflict with the freedoms American citizens are born with. Such as the freedom to live your life how you choose to live it. Also, you should not have to give up two years of your life. To follow up, those two years you are giving up are for your country, the freedoms that make this country what it is, and the protection of its people. Without our military, those who live in the United States would see a whole different picture. There would possibility be more terrorist attacks, or an invasion from a foreign country. The United State has the most powerful military in the world. If the law of conscription passes it will strengthen our military even greater. Coupled with, since our military would strengthen, enemies will be afraid to attack. Everyone would be “battle-hardened soldiers.” No country would want to invade. The fear of the enemy being all around you would prevent an outbreak of violence (Tate). In addition, our country would benefit from the additional forces. It would increase the spirits of the U.S. and improve a national unity. The unity of genders, race and religion would increase. People will work for the common good of the country. Safety would be increased due to the military knowledge that everyone would...

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