British house

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I. Public property and private property

1. In English there is a famous saying ‘an English-man house is castle’.It implies a clear demarcation between private property and public property.
Because of this attitude, English people like the detached house the most .It give them absolute right in the usage and privacy to their house.
On the contrary, flats involve uncertainty.They worry about whom (and how) they will share the corridor outsite their front door .Or about the foyer downstair; it’s for people in block or general public.
These uncertainties explain why communal living of flat dweller isn’t a favourite choice in Britain.

2. Law and customs seem to support a clear separation between what public is and what private is .It is comparatively rare and limits responsibility.
For example, people don’t have right to reserve the road diretly outside their house for their car.
And they don’t need to keep the pavement in front of their house clean and tidy. It’s outside their domain.

3. Emphasizing in this division,people prefer to live in house a little bit set back from the road which they can make a buffet zone like a garden,yard.They can surround their house with the low fences,wall or hedges.But they don’t physical prevent,they just have psychological force.They announce to the world exactly where the private property begins.

II. The importance of home

Despite the reverence, they tend to feel for ‘home’, the abstract idea of home is more important than house
British people have little deep rooted attachment to their house, their land.The home that they will love just as much as they do the previous one.
The house is like investment.They will sell it when the time and the price are right.
All illustration of this lack of attachment to their house is that one third of all inherted houses are immediately sold by inheritants .Even if inheritants have lived there themselves at some time in their life.It’s extremely rare for

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