LTC 315 Week 4 DQ 2

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This work of LTC 315 Week 4 Discussion Question 2 consists of: What form of reimbursement do you believe would allow individuals the best level of care in a skilled nursing facility? What percentage of residents would you guess have this? General Questions - General General Questions

Week 1


Living Environments Worksheet

Resource: Living Environment Worksheet Grading Criteria

Complete the Living Environments Worksheet. In the worksheet, you are required to identify and describe the progression of five different types of living environments for the aging population. You also answer questions regarding your familiarity with these environments and your opinions about their importance.

Week 2


Making Choices Guide Part I

Demographics, beliefs, finances, independence, and many other factors may affect an individual’s or couple’s options for living environments.

Because of the importance of proper environment choice, you have been given the task of creating a guide to help those facing lifestyle and life care decisions. This guide will be used by both aging individuals making decisions for themselves as well as families or caregivers making choices for another individual. In your guide, you must identify variables that affect the environment options, and explain what affect they have on choices. You must also discuss why individuals and couples, as well as family or caregivers, must consider these variables when making choices.

Resource: Making Choices Guide Part I Grading Criteria

Write a 750- to 1,050-word guide about the variables that affect options for various living environments. In your paper, answer the following questions:

·  How do insurance and financial resources affect the options?

·  How do cultural beliefs, traditions, and religion affect ...

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